Beginner Yogi Weekly Studio Membership Terms and Conditions

Beginner Yogi Weekly Membership Terms and Conditions
1. Beginner Yogi works hard to ensure all classes are held according to the latest timetable and will endeavour to give notice before making changes. However, the schedule is subject to change or be cancelled without notice. Beginner Yogi is not liable to refund or offer compensation of any kind for classes that are late, changed, or cancelled for any reason but will offer the student to book another class for no extra charge. All classes require a booking.

2. The minimum term for the Beginner Yogi Weekly Studio Membership is three months and there is no option to suspend membership prior to this time frame unless by the discretion of Beginner Yogi.

3. This membership allows you unlimited classes each week, but excludes guest teachers, workshops or other special events.

4. As a weekly member, you are not charged for not showing up to a class you have booked, but we ask you to be mindful when scheduling and respect the class and teacher by making every effort to come to class. Two hours notice is the preferred cancellation time frame.

5. Membership will automatically continue on a weekly basis (after the initial three months) until Beginner Yogi is advised by you via email ( to cancel the membership or arranged yourself via your online account. There is no charge for cancellation.

6. If automatic payments fail more than once, Beginner Yogi may request you to cancel membership and pay casual rates as you go.

7. The Beginner Yogi Weekly Studio Membership can only be used by one person.

8. Our payment processor Ezidebit charge a dishonour fee in the event they cannot collect payment from you on the day it is due. This fee is AUD$14.95 and is debited straight from your bank account. Beginner Yogi does not refund dishonour fees. If you feel that you were unfairly charged we can contact Ezidebit on your behalf but it is their decision as to whether a refund is due.

9. By signing up to the Beginner Yogi Weekly Studio Membership you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.