Andrea Broad (fill-in teacher for Beginner Yogi)

Andrea is one of our fill-in teachers here at Beginner Yogi. She is warm, bubbly and likes to have a laugh! She also delivers a strong class but you always walk away feeling connected, relaxed and well-stretched.

We asked Andrea a few questions so you can get to know her better, she is a regular here at Beginner Yogi Yoga Studio so come say hi!

Andrea Broad Beginner Yogi Yoga TeacherWhat drew you to Yoga and becoming a teacher?

I first came to yoga when I was about 16 years old as an add-on to my other sporting hobbies. Over the years I have come to my yoga mat on and off having never really taken to a regular practise until 2012 when an injury brought me back to the mat. I have a background in dance and as an adult yoga became a practise that I could feel in my body, much like dance. While the physical benefits were awesome it was the mind-body connection that grabbed me.

I decided to undertake yoga teacher training in 2012, but due to timings this didn’t come to fruition until this year. I wanted to be able to share the joy and benefits of making that mind-body connection with others. Yoga means different things to different people and everyone comes to their mat for different reasons. Having the opportunity to guide students through their practise is a privilege and source of great joy personally. I aim to retrain as a counsellor and see yoga playing a big role in this.

What is your favourite thing about being a teacher?

My favourite thing is that moment when a student “gets something” it might be an anatomical cue you’ve given or a quote that just resonates or time to just “be and breathe”, whatever it may be you see them make that subtle adjustment or smile or connect with themselves. It’s so exciting to know that in that moment for that person they have been able to make a connection with their body, their mind, their breath.

What is your teaching ‘style’?

I think my teaching style might change depending on the style of yoga, the students and the studio. Plus I’m still just learning what “fits” me….and I’m still stealing lots of tips from other great teachers (including Tash). But my philosophy doesn’t change, for me yoga is a physical practise that allows a person to be in their body, once a person can connect with their body they can move beyond this coming into the practise of stilling the mind. To help a student on this journey I try to encourage them to find acceptance in what they are able to do in that moment, I offer up humour because laughter is medicine and I ask my students to see what they can let go of, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is one thing you would like beginners to know about yoga?

My advice for a beginner: Yoga is for everyone. If your first class doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to try again, even if it’s another style, teacher or studio. Keep your mat handy, if it gets dusty, give it a wipe and take your comfortable seat.

Favourite asana?

Fav asana – always changes, today the sun is shining – Tadasana

What else do you do apart from teach yoga?!

Other things I do – Mum of a teenage boy, run, dance, travel, laugh!

Favourite place in the world?

So many places, honestly everywhere I have gone I have wanted to move there. But my most fav place is with my son and my family, it doesn’t matter where!

Favourite thing to do with free time?

Jumping in the car with my son and partner and going anywhere with the tent, some sausages and a nice vino!

Favourite Food?

This is the hardest question yet. EVERYTHING! Either it’s the awesome meal I just cooked with the help of a friend and a glass of red (last week that was roast Lamb (real Lamb from the farm) with my bestie Meagan. Or it’s the awesome meal someone who loves me just made for me (hopefully that will be dinner tonight).

If you could have dinner with any one person, alive or dead, real or fiction who would it be?

Dinner with my MUM! She is no-longer with us, so that would be awesome!

Favourite quote or words of wisdom?

“Just do your very best, that is enough” My Mum

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