Winter Wellness Yoga Retreat

Here’s what people had to say about our Energised + Happy! Retreat!

“Tash: Thank you so much for running this retreat. All of the extra touches (e.g. bliss balls and props) were really appreciated! I recommend this kind of retreat to others – whether you are a beginner or experienced yogi. There is no need to be intimidated by two hours of Hatha flow as Tash offers plenty of different pose and flow options.”

“I really enjoyed the day! It was wonderful to have the time and space to focus on my yoga practice, rather than trying to squeeze it into my schedule.”

“This retreat was not intimidating and provided a range of levels of ability for all students. It made me feel capable and gave a sense of wellbeing. I look forward to the next retreat!”

“It really pushed the yoga boundaries for me, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to cope with the long classes but they were great and we got lots of reminders re listening to our bodies and taking alternative flows if we wanted to. As usual a very supportive atmosphere at BeginnerYogi. I went home feeling calm and happy!”