Why I meditate with my eyes open

Mt Batur, Bali

One of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had while on retreat is an Open Eye Meditation. Quite simply, it is sitting quietly with your eyes open – the gaze soft and slightly unfocused, not staring at anything but seeing everything all at once.

It was early in the morning and I was with other retreat guests on top of a hill, looking out over Lake Taupo and about 15 minutes into the practice the sun began to rise in front of me…I can still feel the immense gratitude I felt at that moment, the crazy wonder of life, the stillness deep within and the knowing that all is well and that this, right here in front of me was Life.

Since that experience, I have been practicing open eye meditation regularly with the same results. Sometimes I find a space out in nature, or just settle myself in front of a window whose view I like, settle in and let my gaze rest where ever is most comfortable and without focusing on any one thing just sit quietly and connect. No matter how many times I do it, no matter what the view for that day is, I always get that same feeling of gratitude when I am completely present and HERE in the the moment.

Bali is going to be the PERFECT place to practice open eye meditation and I know that there is a Sunrise Trek up Mt Batur (pictured below) which includes transportation, visit to temple, guide, breakfast, coffee break and picnic that would be the perfect opportunity to experience something so profound that it leaves an imprint on your Soul. I’m hoping that we can experience this as a group while on retreat in September.

Sending gratitude to you all,
Tash x