Wondering what to wear to yoga class?

Definitely not a dress.  Or your favourite jeans for that matter…

When it comes to your yoga uniform, it really is up to you and you can spend anywhere from $20 – $300 on an outfit. There are no rules or judgement here, but please what ever you do, be comfortable and feel good.

Below are some handy tips as to what to wear to your yoga class…

what males and females wear to yoga classWOMEN: The most common outfit are leggings or yoga pants and a singlet or t-shirt.  If you prefer, a good sports bra can make class more comfortable.  

MEN: Shorts and a singlet or t-shirt is the usual choice for men.  Not short shorts mind you, go for mid length or sports shorts (that have a lining) to keep it comfortable and your privates…private!  If you prefer pants, make sure they have some stretch for ease of movement.

JEWELLERY: Take it off!  Especially dangly earrings and long necklaces.  Rings are often ok, just be mindful that if you sweat easily they may fall off.

SOCKS: Not for the actual Asana, but for the relaxation at the end.  If you feel the cold then you may want to bring your socks to put on when relaxation begins.

LONG SLEEVED TOP: As above, if you feel the cold bring a light top to put on once relaxation time starts.  Some yoga studios offer blankets during this time so ask your teacher if you aren’t sure.  

Although not strictly clothing, the below also show up regularly in class too…

YOGA MAT: Most yoga studios provide mats for your practice, but if you have your own mat that you prefer to use feel free to bring it along.

MAKE UP: This is completely up to you.  Depending on the flow of the class, you may or may not work up a sweat.  If for instance, you were doing hot yoga, go bare.  But if you are taking part in a gentle, restorative yoga class maybe it doesn’t matter so much.

BACKPACK OR BAG: If you need to change at the studio then bring a bag along, most studios have a space for you to store it during class.  

PHONE: Please, please, please turn off (or silence) your phone.  Don’t be that person.  Class is a time to disconnect from the stress and busyness of life, use the time wisely.

WATER: Bring a bottle with you so you can sip on it through out class if need be, and definitely after class.  Most studios have water available for you.

Still got a question about what to wear?  No worries, ask away in the comments section below and we’ll answer your question before class begins!