Use this visualisation technique to get more of what you want!

When the word ‘visualisation’ comes up, people often think of a 90’s tape recording of a womans voice telling them to walk into their secret garden. This is not that.

Below is a very easy and very effective visualisation technique to use to get more of what you want and take control of what is happening in your life. This is manifesting 101.

Ready to give it a try? Whats the worst thing that could happen…it works?!!

I like to do this in bed right before going to sleep, it is great way to switch off a busy mind and fall asleep with a more positive/happy outlook.

Visualisation technique for mainfesting1. Lie down on your back and close your eyes and mouth… just breathing naturally through your nostrils.

2. Once you feel relaxed, bring to mind something that you want to improve or get more of. For example: money, new job, clients, happiness…anything at all. For this example lets use money. Now imagine in front of you there is a tall pole and at the top of the pole there is a symbol/picture of money to represent what this pole is for. Now place a bar on the pole indicating your feelings or money woes currently – the bottom being bad and the top of the pole being amazing.

3. Once you have placed the bar at the current level for how you feel about money, reach out and push the bar all the way to the top of the pole. If you have trouble getting it to the top, push it as far as you can and try again the following day. Keep going until you can push it to the top and eventually keep it there.

4. Choose another area of your life that you would like to improve or get more of something. Maybe it’s a dream holiday or an improved relationship. Repeat the process, creating as many poles as you like. Have them lined up one after the other and visualise them everyday to create positive energy surrounding your chosen areas.

5. Pay attention to what happens once you begin to actively create and focus positive energy on something…be open and curious. When it comes to money, new jobs may come up, a pay rise could happen, maybe money for that holiday appears out of no where. I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences using this technique!

You can use this visualisation for absolutely anything! If you need a kick start here is a list of common areas that people like to use this technique for.


Less Stress
More free time
Dream homes and purchases
Overcoming fears and anxieties

Try this visualisation technique out and see what happens! Is there anything you would add to those lists?

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