Beginner Yogi FAQ’s

Hello! Welcome to our FAQ page, hopefully the answer to your question is here…


Where are you?!

Beginner Yogi Yoga Studio is located in Marsden Shopping Village, down the driveway, next to the carpark, upstairs, above the beauticians! Phew what a mouth full.

Physical address: 6/149 Karori Road, Karori 6012

How much is a class?

That depends on how often you wish to attend. Check out our pricing options HERE

How often should I practice yoga?

Hmmm, that’s completely up to you. Some enjoy once a week and others attend 2+ classes. Choosing a class such as Hatha, Hatha Flow or Power Vinyasa once a week and teaming it up with a Yin class is a great way to balance your practice.

We suggest thinking about what you are wanting from your practice and feel free to have a chat to one of our teachers or email:

How can I find out about new workshops and retreats?

Check out our Workshops page or Retreats page or…

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Do I need to bring a mat?

Only if you prefer to use your own. We provide all mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets and water at the studio, so you just need to bring yourself in comfortable clothing.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing! Clothing that you can stretch easily in. Take the test: Can you take a wide step sideways in your pants? Can you easily reach your arms out long and over head?

What type of yoga does the studio offer?

Please check our timetable with class times and style information HERE

How big is the studio?

Beginner Yogi Yoga Studio is what we like to call cosy and intimate. We have a maximum of 12 people per class.

I’m not very flexible, does this matter?

Nope. It’s perfect. You’ll be surprised how quickly flexibility increases from just a few classes.

I have injuries, is this ok?

Depends on the injuries, but your best to let the teacher know before hand or email: For the most part yoga is great because there are lots of ways to modify a pose to suit your body and flexibility.


When is the 6 Week Beginner Yogi Course starting?

Course dates and information can be found HERE

How big are the classes?

There is a maximum of 12 people per class/course.

What will I learn in the 6 Week Beginner Yogi Course?

You can find all the information on our 6 Week Beginner Yogi Courses HERE

How does the 6 Week Beginner Yogi Course work, can I choose different days each week?

No sorry. Our courses are often fully booked so you’ll need to book your course and choose either the Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday slot.

What if I miss a week during the 6 Week Beginner Yogi Course?

As the 6 Week Beginner Yogi Courses are often full, we may not be able to fit you into the next course to make up for the session missed.

I am a shift worker, can I still do the 6 Week Beginner Yogi Course?

Please email us ( before signing up so we can see if we can help you to make this work.

Do I have to complete the 6 Week Beginner Yogi Course before attending other studio classes?

Nope! Although, if you are a beginner you may feel more confident after completing the course. Power Vinyasa/Hatha Flow can be a little intimidating for a beginner so maybe try the Hatha classes first.


Can I pay only for the weeks that I attend?

Sorry, the membership is a weekly contract. If there are some weeks that you won’t be able to attend then the class passes will be a better option for you. Information on pricing can be found HERE

Information on the Weekly Membership can be found HERE


Do you support local schools and groups by donating classes/vouchers?

Sure. We get asked all the time and often whip up a voucher. Get in touch via email: