Rice Bubble Cake

Who doesn’t like rice bubble cake, I’ve never meet a person (or at least a kiwi) whose eyes didn’t light up at the mention of this old kiwi favourite!

This recipe is so easy and only uses the natural sweetness of honey and vanilla. Coconut oil replaces the butter so you are getting all of the amazing benefits of this oil as you eat your treat, amazing!

The kids (big and small!) are sure to love this little treat, they are super quick to whip up too!

Sugar free rice bubble cakeCOOKING TIME

3-5 mins


100 grams Coconut Oil
2 Cups of Rice bubbles (I use gluten free brown rice bubbles – with no sugar added to them)
1 tbsp Vanilla extract
4 tbsp Honey (can also use rice malt syrup)
Pinch of Salt


Start by lining a shallow cake tin with cooking paper and set aside. On a medium heat let the coconut oil and honey warm up. Add salt, vanilla extract and rice bubbles into saucepan with hot oil and honey.  Keep on heat while you stir the mixture constantly to ensure all rice bubbles are covered, approximately 2 minutes. Once the liquid starts to boil you can reduce the heat. When the rice bubbles are ‘soggy’ place mixture into the cake tin packing it firmly. Place in the fridge and serve once set. Because of the coconut oil this treat will need to be stored in the fridge.

sugar free rice bubble cakeBONUS TIP: If you have some left over cupcake cases spoon the mixture into these for rice bubble cupcakes!

Tempted? How could you not be! Let us know how you get on, share a photo on facebook or instagram and make sure to tag us!