Queenstown Yoga Teacher: Ricky B Good

Meet Queenstown based yoga teacher Ricky B Good. Possibly one of the funniest and greatest guys I have had the privilege of meeting and calling a friend. We meet on our yoga teacher training course and clicked instantly thanks to our similar sense of humour, out look on life and mutual love of his shiny, bouncy hair.

He’s one of those people that you enjoy being around because theres no stress, no drama just calm and cool with some hilarious one-liners mumbled quietly when you should be listening…if you are ever in Queenstown pop along to one of his classes and say Hi!

Ricky B Good Queenstown Yoga TeacherBY: We meet on the Ashram Yoga Teacher Training Course, can you tell us about how you got into yoga and why you decided to become a teacher?

RBG: So I was a creatine consuming, protein devouring, gym buff guy for years, the thought of going to a yoga class was ridiculous to me. My girlfriend would always try to get me to go but I was too focused on building muscles hahaha. I’m quite an impulsive person and seem to take up new hobbies every few days, so one day I decided, for no particular reason, that I might start doing youtube yoga. After two weeks of practicing yoga in my lounge on my girlfriends pink lulu lemon mat I was hooked! I felt so good and wanted to share this feeling with other people, and that’s when I signed up to become a teacher.

BY: You are also a skydive photographer in Queenstown! How does someone get a job like that anyway?!

RBG: My job came about purely through boredom of working regular jobs. Like I said I’m quite sporadic so when my brother showed me a news clipping for a commercial skydiving course I was signed up a few days later. I did the course, got a job working as ground crew at the drop zone in Queenstown, cleaning toilets etc, then eventually got a full time position jumping and doing photography. Yoga has definitely helped with skydiving, being more flexible and light makes flying around the sky a whole lot easier and dealing with stressful situations is a lot less intense now!

BY: What style of yoga do you teach?

RBG: I teach Hatha yoga. My partner and I have started a guys only class called Broga which is going really well, all different types of guys are coming, from very blokey tradies and builders to skydiver instructors, it’s great fun! I’m also teaching classes at the gym and at my girlfriends studio QT Yoga.

Ricky B Good Queenstown Yoga TeacherBY: What do you as the biggest benefits of practicing yoga? And what have you experienced personally?

RBG: There are so many benefits to yoga, gaining strength and becoming more flexible are obvious ones but the thing that has changed most for me is my mental outlook. It seems that even if you’re getting into yoga purely for the physical benefits the spiritual shifts take hold anyway. Pretty quickly I noticed that I was more calm in everyday life and little things just didn’t seem to bother me anymore. I believe people are generally far too stressed out, working 50 hour weeks etc, and I think this makes us somewhat out of touch, so giving yourself that hour or 90 minutes to just be with your breath and your body really helps you to reconnect and maintain your sanity hahaha!

BY: Go-to pose right now?

RBG: My favourite asana right now is definitely handstands, I love balances and inversions but I recently injured my back and have been quite restricted with my asanas, now that I’m moving somewhat normally again I’m loving being upside down and can’t resist spending half my life on my hands.

BY: Any words of wisdom for the beginner yogi’s out there?

RBG: Words of wisdom hahaha, queue the cheesy quotes! I don’t know, I guess just have fun with your yoga and enjoy all the challenges, don’t take it too seriously. Balancing postures can be very frustrating so when you loose your balance and start seeing red just try to laugh about it, it’s not that big of a deal.

BY: How can yogi’s find you when they visit Queenstown?

RBG: You can find my classes through www.qtyoga.com or search QT Yoga on Facebook, and you can check the timetable at Queenstown Gym for my gym classes.

 Thanks Ricky!

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