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4 Week Meditation Course

Throughout the next four weeks you will learn simple but effective techniques such as mindfulness, mantra and guided meditations that can be listened to as often as you wish.

75 mins (total)

6 Week Beginner Yogi Course Online

During the next six weeks you will be introduced to three popular styles of yoga asana; Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin and you will also get an introduction to Mindfulness at the beginning and ending of each class. Once the course is completed you will have an understanding of the differences between the styles and likely have a favourite!

Beginner Yoga
347 mins (total)

21 Days of Yoga & Mindfulness

Welcome to 21 Days of Yoga & Mindfulness! This challenge was thoughtfully created and designed to help you get active, calm, energised and focused while deepening your asana, meditation and mindfulness practice. Some classes are active, some are chill, and they’re always in keeping with our mission: to help you breathe, move and feel better!

21 Day Challenge