Nut Butters – Super Easy and Yum!

It’s been happening for a while now this whole ‘make your own nut butter’ business, but I honestly didn’t realise how freakin easy it was!

Use any type of nuts you want, or get curious and mix’em up like I did with my almond and brazil nut butter (brazil nuts are a good source of selenium but I don’t really like the taste of them so I hid a handful in the almond butter!), gently roast them (optional) and then throw them in the vitamix!

It takes a while for any thing to happen and there is a lot of faffing about with scooping the nuts of the wall of the vitamix but just when you think it’s a dud the oils begin to release and you watch the nuts form into the nut butter.

There’s not really a lot to this but I’ll jot it down anyway…

Homemade Almond and Brazil Nut ButterINGREDIENTS:

Nuts! What ever you want: almonds, cashews, brazil, walnuts etc

Here are some of our favourite nut butter flavours:
Almond (plain and simple)
Almond and Brazil nut (great for upping your selenium intake)
Cashew butter with walnuts, pecans and a dash of vanilla extract (perfect match with our Vegan Bread recipe)

Good pinch of salt (optional)

If Im honest I didn’t measure out the amount but I’m guessing it was around 2 cups as the butter served up nicely into an old Almond Butter jar.
Your choice: you can buy your everyday bulk bin nuts, go organic or even ‘activate’ your nuts if thats your thing. Do the research and do what feels good.


First of all (and this is completely optional), roast the nuts in the oven at approximately 150°C  for 10-15 minutes. This gives a lovely flavour and quickens the nut butter process. There’s really nothing much to say here except place your nuts into the food processor or blender and let it do it’s thing! I have a vitamix and turned it on low and then slowly turned it up as the nuts started to form into the butter. You’ll probably need to stop and scoop the nuts from the sides of the blender/food processor every few minutes (feels like seconds) to make sure the blades are getting all the nuts.

Note: Do not add any water or oil, just be patient and trust the process. I know, it’s going to seem like it’s not working but all of a sudden it’s like magic! and you’ve made nut butter. I didn’t time how long it took but the process will probably take around 10-20 minutes depending on what machine you are using.

Beginner Yogi tip: a teaspoon (just one!) of your homemade nut butter is a perfect before class snack!