New Year, New Career?

Change is on a lot of peoples minds in the new year…maybe you are you looking for a new job, career or maybe just thinking about updating your resume? (shudder!)

Lucky for you, one of my lovely students Kate Thompson is a Career Coach and HR Consultant with some words of wisdom for you, over to you Kate…

Kate Thompson Career Coach and HR ConsultantHappy New Year!

It’s that time of year when a lot of us are reflecting on what we’ve done over the past year and pondering what next, and that might be personally, professionally or both…

Personally…. what are the habits that are working well and boost your feeling of wellbeing? Keep them up!

What are the habits that don’t really add much, or worse…. reduce your wellbeing? Think about knocking them on the head!

What are some new habits you could pick up that would give you an extra spring in your step and make you feel great? More yoga for example! Think about what you can do to make these habits stick and then go for it. Being clear on why you’re doing it and keeping this at the front of your mind helps – especially if motivation starts slipping.

Professionally…. do you jump out of bed every morning, raring to get to work? Some people do!

If you’re not one of them, why not and what would it take for you to feel the same? Tough question? 

Here’s two ways you can try and answer it:

1. The Dream Job.

Do you have a dream job? What would it take for you to achieve it? What are the obstacles? (There must be some or you’d be doing it already wouldn’t you??) How can you get over the obstacles? If you can’t get over them in one leap, think about the smaller steps you can take to get you closer. Motivation and momentum will increase as you achieve each small step.

The main obstacle might be YOU and that little gremlin voice in your head (I know I’m not the only one that has one!) telling you you can’t do something because……

  • You don’t have enough, or the right, experience. (So, how do you get more?)
  • You don’t have the confidence. (Who says? Have a look back at all your achievements that showed you being supremely confident!)
  • You’re not qualified. (What would it take to get qualified?)
  • You can’t take the financial hit that might be a step on the way to your dream job. (Have you worked out what that hit would be, do you know for sure it wouldn’t be manageable?)
  • It’s not the right time. (What does the right time look like? Get that picture clear, and work towards it.)
  • You might fail!!! (You might succeed!!! And a minor fail or setback along the way can help you to adjust your course before steaming ahead to where you want to be. What’s the worst that can happen?)

My point is….. challenge that gremlin voice, there’s generally an alternate and more helpful view.

2. No Dream Job in mind.

You might have a strong feeling that your current job just isn’t doing it for you, in fact you can feel your mojo slipping away day by day! But…. what to do about it??

A good place to start is to reflect on (and write down) some examples of when you were at your best in a work situation – something that made you feel proud of what you’d achieved and gave you satisfaction and enjoyment. What was the situation? What were you doing? Who were you working with? What skills were you using? How did you feel? What did others say about your efforts?

Working through examples like this leads to themes around your unique combination of strengths. In this context, strengths are the things we’re good at AND enjoy using. Find a way that you can use them more and more in a work situation and there’s a direct link to the way we feel about what we’re doing and the way we feel about ourselves. It might be that your current job or organisation can provide opportunities for you to use your strengths every day – it’s not always necessary to change jobs or organisations to regain your mojo!

Another important step in getting yourself ready for a next career step is to update your CV (you’ll find plenty of examples online) – not something that most people relish but the structured reflection needed to do it can be a great confidence boost and an added incentive to take the next step if that’s likely to mean changing jobs.

Lastly…. A couple of things to share with you:

PERMAH survey

I came across this recently – it’s based on workplace wellbeing but looks at wellbeing across all areas of your life and provides suggested habits to improve wellbeing. The survey was developed by positive psychology experts Michelle McQuaid and Peggy Kern and is based on Martin Seligman’s PERMA framework – all explained when you click the link. The survey is free, doesn’t take long to complete and the output is a fairly comprehensive Personal Wellbeing Plan with suggested habits tailored to you. Give it a try!

– My favourite quote:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver (poet).

It’s nearly a year since I challenged my inner gremlin, left a permanent corporate role and began working for myself as a Career Coach and HR Consultant. I’m so glad I did!!!

Kate Thompson Career Coach and HR ConsultantIf you would like to find out how Kate may be able to help you in 2016 with any career coaching and consulting please contact her via the methods below:

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