Mindfulness: Responding vs. Reacting

I am constantly having to practice mindfulness so that I get the choice to respond rather than react.

I’d like to say that after about 7 years of practicing being present being able to pause and choose my response is my default, but it’s not.

True, more often than not I can catch myself before just reacting but I also still experience myself in the state of reacting, literally watching myself misbehave as I often call it, and still don’t stop myself.

It’s my ego that doesn’t stop the reaction. It’s ‘saving face’ or being too embarrassed to apologise for my words or actions or not wanting to admit that my true response may upset me if I was honest. Vulnerability.

But nevertheless everyday I continue to practice, sometimes I do good other times not so much!

I sat at the studio today waiting for the fire alarms guy to show up I’m already observing my reaction. Planning what I’ll say to him when he arrives, in that passive aggressive way my ego loves!

But I already know that I’ll choose to respond in kindness, after all I can do my work from here, and actually there are less distractions so it’s probably for the best.

Observing yourself is interesting, what characters we are!

Try and catch yourself next time you find yourself on auto pilot or auto predict, it’s quite entertaining if you can learn to non-identify with it all!

We’re all just a little crazy in there!

If you would like to find out more about how you can live a more mindful life I have one more Mindfulness One course in 2017!

It runs at the studio from the 23rd – 30th November  7.30pm – 9.00pm (It’s a slightly longer two week course instead of three!)

INFO + BOOKINGS: Mindfulness One Course

Tash x