Living Your Purpose (and why it is the easiest and hardest thing to do!)

I’m noticing more and more that I’m surrounded by people obsessed with living their purpose lately, which makes sense as I’m pretty dedicated to living mine.

Living your PurposeIn my humble opinion, once you finally realise what it is you’ve come here to do (which is a process in itself!) it seems such a waste not to spread the love.

My definition of ‘living your purpose‘ is:

to use your unique and authentic gifts to inspire, empower and motivate yourself and others

I believe that one of my own unique and authentic gifts is that I  seem to intuitively pick up on areas that people need help to overcome fears and limiting beliefs and am passionate about using yoga and other holistic tools to build confidence, self esteem and an acceptance of ones-self. So I guess you could say that my purpose is to love myself and get ya’ll to love yourself too!

Being intuitive is a great gift but it can also mean that I am sometimes too much for people, whether they pick up on it or not on a conscious level, people are often a little resistant towards me because they know that I mean business if they admit they would like to overcome fears and build confidence and self esteem. If you tell me an idea or dream that you want to make a reality and it resonates with my purpose, I’ll support you 100%. I am your biggest cheer leader. Once you give me the green light…I’m going to do everything I can to help you be that person you came here to be! But it can involve feeling uncomfortable, dealing with old fears and limiting beliefs, the shadow self. So worth it though.

Living your purpose can feel hard. It feels like a whole lot of ‘Being‘ and ‘Doing‘ which takes dedication, courage and passion. I was in a yoga class over the weekend and the teacher (Thanks Helen!) was talking about ‘living Your Dharma‘ and she said something that really hit me as the truth: “There is nothing to be or do. Just live honestly“…

I stopped mid vinyasa and hung out in Downward Facing Dog for a minute (or two….) and repeated the words so I could commit them to memory. The more I repeated my new mantra the more I understood what that actually meant. To me it was both the easiest and the hardest thing one could do!

Easy because conceptually, living honestly should be our nature. If we were guided day to day by how we feel honestly then in theory, we would always be aligned with our purpose. How magical life would be! But when I got to thinking about the actual task of living honestly, I started thinking about situations that would arise that would make me (or in other words: my ego) feel uncomfortable: telling the truth about my opinion when it is the minority, doing that thing that I long to do even though the thought of taking action fills me with fear, questioning everything I am told, making people feel uncomfortable because of my honesty and being willing to fail – because life isn’t always chocolates and roses.

The truth is, I actually live a fairly honest life already. It took a lot of work to get there and it wasn’t and still isn’t easy! I’m still working on the ‘making others feel uncomfortable‘ thing and being ok with standing alone when I know something is right for me, but I’m a work in progress, always will be.

How honestly are you living? Are there areas that you feel you are being dishonest, is this affecting your ability to live your purpose and express your unique and authentic gifts?

The purpose of our lives is to be happy ~Dalai Lama

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