Jessica Reid: Protecting Your Energy Field

Have you ever felt drained after meeting a friend or attending a social gathering? Or maybe you suffer anxiety when in a crowded space such as a shopping mall?

If this sounds like you, don’t worry you aren’t alone and you are not crazy!

I’ve been told (usually with a roll of the eyes) countless times over the years that I’m too sensitive. In the middle of a shopping trip I would suddenly feel un-easy or anxious and need to get out into fresh air, or right before a show in London I would suddenly be frantically searching for the nearest exit – feeling like I was going to faint.

And for years I actually believed that I was being too dramatic and would suffer through an attack in silence or in a toilet cubicle. It wasn’t until I discovered that I was simply sensitive (or empathetic) to the energies around me that I learnt how to protect myself from it. My life changed for ever!

Below Jessica Reid (check out our interview on Akashic Records here) gives a brilliant and simple technique to help stop such attacks happening. The technique Jessica offers can also be helpful for people who often find them selves a dumping ground for other peoples problems or complaints, no more soaking up bad energy like a sponge!

So what do you think? Helpful, yes?! If you are a sensitive soul like me I’d love to know how you go with this technique. Feel free to connect on facebook and let us know if it is working for you. Happy socialising!