How I use asana to explore trapped emotions

I made myself get on my mat today.

After exhausting the social media scroll I tricked myself into getting up and plonking myself at the top of my mat and gave myself permission to just move.

There is an emotion (maybe more than one actually) that is near the surface, that is trying to get up, physically I feel it at the very top of my solar plexus – just below my heart and whenever I notice it buzzing I get instantly anxious, irritated and I find it hard to sit still. To be honest I haven’t actually decided whether it is a so called ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ emotion…I’m not sure there is such a thing as everything needs to be expressed, but it has my attention…so, as I said I got on the mat and started moving…I noticed what was feeling good and also what asanas I might be avoiding and purposely went there, noticing (not judging or analysing) any triggers and just kept going until I felt like something shifted or I’d just had enough.

Near the end I got an intuitive hit of kindness, compassion and love move through me. I breathed deeply and then sent back gratitude, only to have it bounce back at me. That’s when I noticed that it was intended for me, the message was that I needed to give myself more kindness, compassion and love because that’s how this all works!

You fill yourself up and it shines through you and spreads like fire! So today I am kindness, I am compassion and I am love, and I’m keeping it all!

Any over flow I’ll send to you.