How I use asana, mindfulness and meditation for self healing

I had the most beautiful class with the 6am’ers recently, I forgot how magical rising early is. The practice is generally silent and it seems that you are able to tune in a little easier having just woken up.

It was the perfect pre self-practice practice!

I cleared the studio and placed my mat smack bang in the middle and as always, used asana to tune in and get into my body.

I’m still in the phase where I need the perfect mix of mindfully moving through a flow of strong poses, always with an approach of softness. No straining or stress, I have to move with ease so that my main focus can be the breathe – deep inhale, long exhale.

These stronger poses are more to do with inner strength than outer strength.

When my asana practice naturally ended (in a super long supported butterfly and shavasana) I set myself up for meditation and (woolly socks, wrapped up tight in a blanket!)

Sometimes during meditation I tune straight in, experience moments of crystal clear clarity and even receive hits of intuitive guidance…today not so much.

Today I was back to basics…mindful breathing, awareness only on the breath…getting distracted, noticing, acknowledging, letting go…repeat as often as necessary.

I must have sat for about 20-30 minutes just breathing and then I got my insight….

As I was sitting and practicing my mindfulness…I was reminded:

I am not my thoughts.
I am not my worries.
I am not my anxieties.
I am not my failures.
I am not my ‘busyness’
I am not my stress.
I am not my to-do lists.
I am not my goals.
I am not my sadness.
I am not my irritation.

My mindfulness practice showed me that I am the one that is observing it all, it’s just sometimes I forget that none of the above is real…it’s all in my head.

Such a feeling of relief spread through me, because when I remembered this, and felt the truth of it…I could drop all the sh*t.

Just drop it.

And when I forget (because I will) and get back up in my head again, it’s ok because I remember now…

I am not my thoughts, I am the one sitting quietly observing.

My self healing process today (much the same as every day):

1. Settle in
2. Asana
3. Meditation
4. Gratitude

I’ll be exploring a similar process in my workshop in October (which is filling up) so if this topic interests you then I’d love to have you fill a space.


Tash x