How I create space with yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Do you know why I love teaching Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness?

Because I live it.

I have used the practices to grow, overcome, release, move through, open up, welcome, receive, give, create, be and express the divine being within me.

The asana places my awareness inside the body, the meditation expands my awareness from purely physical to the enormity of the presence that resides within, the mindfulness is there to teach me over and over again that I am not my thoughts/fears/beliefs/past or future – I am simply the one observing, completely unaffected and ok.

Because this is my experience, this is the intention behind my teaching.

I’ve experienced the exhausting battle of chronic pain and inflammation, I’ve lived inside my head for 36 years and will never forget the moment that I discovered the part of myself that wasn’t the ego, the negative thoughts, the stories, the trauma or the worrier – it was like a big weight lifted off my shoulders because I really saw that all this stuff…it wasn’t really me.

I have learn’t how to create S.P.A.C.E through my own practice and because I can only truly teach what I know, that is what I offer to my students.

When I create space I can breathe correctly, those beautiful deep yogic breathes and it calms my mind and soothes my body as it is flushed with prana.

Space allows me to stop and observe, instead of reacting/judging/over analysing.

Space alerts me when I’m on autopilot, deep within a story, thought train or an offended or scared ego.

And honestly, just because I have these practices and know how to use them doesn’t mean I don’t slip up or am perfect…ha! far from it.

But once I’ve had enough of my own suffering, the asana, meditation and mindfulness are waiting patiently for me to begin again.

And I don’t expect my students who enjoy my teachings to be perfect either – I’m just sharing what I know because I believe you are drawn to your teachers for a reason…you resonate with them from one soul to another.

To be able to share my experience and pass on what I know to be true for me is a blessing, even if it is in small doses of one hour classes, but I am beyond excited to create a space with Helen in Bali and take our group on a journey for a whole week!

Who knows what will come up, everyone attending is there for there own reasons, their journey is unique, but I do believe that groups form for a reason and we will be working as a group to create space for life to move through.

If you are at a point in your life where space would be welcomed with wide open arms then join us on the 10th – 16th September 2017, at the boutique Naya Ubud Retreat Centre, it will be an experience you will never forget!

The light within me honours and blesses the light within you,

Tash xox