Home Yoga Practice vs. Kids…

A lot of my students are (hot!) mamas and we often get to talking about funny ways that they sneak in yoga at home, whether it is creeping into the house after work and locking themselves in the bedroom or trying to find their inner calm while having Miss Two hanging off their hips in Downward facing dog…it’s a challenge!

This month I asked one of our yogi’s Kate Ritchie to share her experience with her home yoga practice vs. kids, I think you’ll find it honest, funny and up-lifting. Over to you Kate…

Finding time to practice yoga with kids I’m a Beginner Yogi and a Mother of Two. My oldest son is 2 and youngest son is 9 months. Looking after these guys can be a bit of a juggling act some days and it is not always easy to get the time in to practice yoga, but if I only get five minutes of down time in a day, I still jump on my mat. Let’s face it even if it’s only five minutes of just doing cat cow, it’s still yoga right?

I have learnt to love Thomas the Tank Engine, he is my secret weapon for when Mr Two refuses to go down for a sleep. So on goes the Thomas DVD and out come the trains. Mumma jumps on her mat and everyone wins….even if Thomas isn’t really my choice of soundtrack to do my Asanas too.

Finding time to practice yoga with kidsI’ve had my fair share of interruptions Mr Nine months who decides mid sleep that it is time for a nappy change to name one, or when Mr Two wakes earlier than usual, flings the lounge door open and comes and lies all over me mid Shavasana, (I consider it a godsend to even make it to this point most days) sometimes we cuddle or he impresses me with his yoga moves, and he really does! The Kid has no idea what he is doing, but somehow can nail a wide legged forward bend with his head touching the floor! On the rare occasion I get the boys to sleep at the same time, it feels like I have all the time in the world (approximately an hour and a half) to jump on my mat and get a good practice in. Then the heavens open up and make the “aaaaaaaaa” sound. Thank you universe! I absolutely love these times! I get a full practice in with no distractions and it’s quiet. I completely zone out, with the bonus of a wee meditational moment at the end.

I started yoga in late February this year and have not looked back.Finding time to practice yoga with kids
I believe Yoga is one of the things that has made the difference for me and I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. I seldom feel that exhausted feeling anymore. In fact I never do, I have more energy actually. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself and my family! I am sure as the boys grow it will become increasingly more difficult to fit my practice in. It still won’t stop me from finding the time though. They won’t be children for long so I don’t mind the constant interruptions, hopefully when they get bigger they will want to join in!

Can you identify with Kate? We’ll be posting the interview on our facebook page so be sure to come on over and let us know your challenges and yoga practice tactics!