Holistic Therapies

Energise. De-Stress. Heal. Cleanse.

ENERGY HEALING REIKI AT BEGINNER YOGI KARORIEnergy Healing is a wonderful and gentle holistic therapy that can be used for a number of conditions and issues or just to simply raise your energy levels and relieve stress!

Energy Healing Work is done by Tash at Beginner Yogi and she combines the energy healing treatments with cleansing and balancing the Chakras and at the end of the session provides you with feedback as to where blocks are felt within your Chakra system.


As the receiver of Energy Healing, your job is to simply lay or sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and relax. The practitioner channels energy through their hands and works on your various areas or your body through out the session. The hands may hover over the body or be gently placed on top of the area being treated. Energy Healing is a therapy to looks at the whole person; physical, emotional and spiritual so often healing may take place on unexpected levels.


Some people feel a slight tingling when the energy is directed at certain point of their body, others feel a warm sensation and some people feel nothing at all. Everybody experiences energy differently and there is no right or wrong. Energy Healing Work does not cause pain and in general is very relaxing.


There are two ways to experience an Energy Healing:

In-person: For an in-person treated you come into the studio for your session.

Distance: When receiving an Energy Healing via distance, you are at home (relaxing on your bed or in a chair) and the energy is sent to you. So you can literally do it from anywhere in the world!

In my experience, both options are equally beneficial. Often when someone receives a distance healing it is felt and enjoyed more because the person is comfortable in their own space. Distance healing treatments are done in the same way as an in-person healing and you will receive an email with information on your Chakras.


  • Stress, fatigue, anxiety and mild depression
  • Pain relief (chronic pain such as arthritis, sore back and headaches)
  • Cleansing of Chakras and negative energy
  • Can be used as an energy boost, leaving you feel happy and relaxed


In-Person Energy Work $40 (30 mins + feedback after session)
Distance Energy Work $25 (30 mins + email with feedback)



When I was first learning how energy healing worked I asked my partner if I could use him as a guinea pig and luckily for me he was game. I asked him to think about a physical, emotional or spiritual issue that he would like to heal or resolve and after some thought he choose something pretty big. For most of his life he has had issues with his feet and hips, meaning that he couldn’t walk long distances without pain all down his legs. He wore orthotics which made walking a little bit more comfortable but he still was limited in what he could achieve and his shoe choice was also very limited due to the orthotics. So he decided that he would like to ‘fix’ his legs…Wow I thought, this could be interesting but not wanting to admit I had doubts I went along with it.

All up we had 3 energy healing sessions together, each time I feed back to him my observations and he took note of any changes he felt physically, emotional and spiritually (yes, its all connected!). After the 3rd session, which was quite intense for both of us, he began to feel real changes, his orthotics were no longer comfortable or needed and he was able to walk distances without even thinking about how far he was walking! It really was a miracle, and such a wonderful thing to witness. He no longer felt stress at the thought of having to walk more than 20 minutes with out pain in his hips and feet, and of course he could now buy any shoes (especially his beloved Chucks!) he wanted. 3 years on and his feet are still perfectly fine and all it took was 3 sessions and a willingness to be open and curious as to what Energy Healing Work could do.

Are you curious about what an Energy Healing session could do for you?