Cream Brulee by One Fat Bird

The great thing about this recipe is that the base of eggs, sugar, cream and vanilla pods can be used to make pretty much any type of brulee…

If you fancy festive red and white add a few frozen raspberries and white chocolate into the bowls before baking. Let you imagination run free and enjoy!
You will definitely be the favourite if you pulled this off for Christmas dessert!

one fat bird cream bruleeINGREDIENTS

1ltr of Cream
2 vanilla pods
10 egg yolks
zest of 1 orange
100g of sugar
pinch of sea salt


1. De-seed the vanilla pods by running a small knife the length of the vanilla pod and then scrape out the seeds. Add the seeds and the orange zest to the 1 litre of cream and place in a small pot.
2. Slowly bring the cream mixture up to a simmer (be careful not to let boil the best temperature is 87C if u have a thermometer.)
3. While cream is heating whisk the egg yolks and sugar together until ribbon like (you should be able to draw the egg and sugar mix up and out the bowl and hold a continuous line.)
4.When the cream is ready whisk into the egg and sugar mix until fully combined.
5. Skim the bubbles off the top of the cream and egg mixture until you are left with a shiny cream mixture with no bubbles.
6. Next pour the mixture in cups/mini bowls 125ml of the mixture into each cup/bowl. always leave a couple of cm’s from the rim. Place a tea towel in a oven tray and place the cups/bowls on top of the tea towel. Pour warm water into the tray until the water is a third of the way up the cups/bowls.
7. Cover with tin foil and bake in a pre heated 150c oven for 25min then turn the tray and bake for a further 25min. Once fully cooked the brulee should have a slight wobble but still should its shape in the middle. remove from the tray and let cool on a rack for 1 hour then place in the fridge for 1 hour.
8. Now for the caramel. Once your brulee are set you can burn your sugar on top. Place 2 teaspoons of caster sugar on top and then caramelise the sugar and this can be done 2 ways. First way is to use a small blow torch (you can by from most big supermarkets or the warehouse pretty cheap) and then caramelise the sugar with the blowtorch by tilting the set brulee and turning as the blow torch burns the sugar. The second way is to use a grill but be warned keep your eye on the sugar because the sugar can burn very quickly and all that hard work will go to waste!
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one fat bird cream brulee