Choc Christmas Pud Cake by Sweet Bakery & Cakery

If you live in Wellington, no doubt you have visited or heard about Sweet Bakery & Cakery. Grace’s cakes and cupcakes are legendary and unbelievably delicious!

Grace has kindly offered a festive recipe called Choc Christmas Pud Cake, beautifully simple baking that will transform your usual chocolate cake into a festive delight!

Over to you Grace….

This recipe is a super simple and fun way to turn your “go-­to” Chocolate Cake into a festive center piece. And even better, it’s great for kids (or grown ups!) who don’t like more traditional fruit cakes with fondant icing ­ but it still has a delicious Christmassy twist.

Sweet Bakery & Cakery Choc Christmas Pud CakeFor your cake:

Whip up a batch of your fave “go-­to” Chocolate cake mix.
While mixing, add:
Zest of 1 orange
1 tbsp ground ginger
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground cloves
Bake as usual.

For your icing:

Make your buttercream icing as usual – and if you’re feeling super festive why not add a splash of brandy as well.

Decorate your cake:

Once cool, you can decorate your cake in our fun “Christmas Pudding” style.
Pipe the icing into the cake to look like a dollop of cream (see photo).
Top your “dollop” with fondant holly leaves and berries. Or if it’s easier, why not grab some ‘mint leaves’ and ‘Jaffas’ from the dairy and use those.

And there you have – a super simple, fun, and best of all delicious festive cake!

Sweet Bakery & Cakery:
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Sweet Bakery & Cakery

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