Cashew + Apricot Bliss Balls

These guys are becoming a little bit famous around the Beginner Yogi Studio! I use this recipe for my workshops and retreats much to everyones delight.

Cashew + Apricot Bliss Balls take 10 minutes from start to finish and can be frozen or stored in the fridge.

Cashew and Apricot Bliss BallsINGREDIENTS

1/2 cup of coconut (plus a little extra for dusting the bliss balls)
1 cup cashews
1 tbsp rice malt syrup (or honey or maple syrup)
1 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp warm water
2 tsp vanilla extract
5 medjool dates (7 normal dried dates)
5 dried apricots (or other dried fruit of your choice, or leave out)
pinch of salt


Combine the coconut and cashews in the blender/food processor until the cashews are chopped but not completely ground. Add in the wet ingredients, dates, apricots and salt. Blend until throughly combined and dates and apricots are ‘minced’. Scoop out of blender and roll into balls. Roll balls in fresh or toasted coconut and store in a container in the fridge or freezer.