Hello and welcome to Beginner Yogi!

We want you to feel better.

Tash Domonkos Beginner YogiActually, we want you to Breathe. Move. Feel Better.

Whether you come to one of our classes in studio or online, attend a workshop or course or just explore our blog we want you to feel better.

While at a Strala workshop in Singapore, Mike Taylor asked if Tash had enjoyed the class, to which she replied “Yes!” The teacher asked her asked “Why?”….she thought about it and replied “I just feel better”.

So simple. That’s when she realised what she loves about being a student and teaching yoga. It makes you feel better. It doesn’t have to be life changing, miracle healing stuff, just that big sigh after class, Ahhhhh that feels better. And that is what we hear all the time at our studio. We aren’t the kind of studio that leaves you feeling wrecked and drained of energy, we want to help you create space and feel energised! 

Our beautiful little studio in Marsden Village, Karori is a must visit if you are in the Wellington area (or if you are travelling!). The space has been thoughtfully designed and is often described by students as calming, peaceful and cosy.

Our yoga style is varied with a focus on feeling good and moving with easeWe offer a range of classes to suit all levels and ages with a limit of 12 people per class.

Beginner Yogi

More About Tash

Hi there, I’m Tash and I am the co-founder of Beginner Yogi (the other half of Beginner Yogi is Matt, he is the dude in the background who makes things work and my go-to guy for all Beginner Yogi experiments!).

First of all, I have a confession…my first ever experience of yoga was with a DVD that was called something like ‘Hollywood Yoga’ and consisted of a group of beautiful, long-limbed ladies doing a yoga sequence so fast that I literally fell over myself to keep up. Mortified, I turned it off after ten minutes! I then tried a class at a local studio…same thing happened, so I gave it up and thought damn yoga is not for me.

And so, for couple of years I was blissfully unaware of what yoga really was. My real yoga adventure began when I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune condition and my life was turned upside down. I don’t remember exactly what made me give yoga another go, but I did and after the first class (in a studio this time!) I remember thinking hmmm I feel a bit better than when I began…interesting. I began practicing more regularly, eventually making it a daily habit. Of course during this time there were other things I did, like discovering and working with my chakras, eating better and giving up habits that no longer served me, but it was the yoga that introduced the space that allowed me to sit and see what was going on in my life. My practice made me feel better, on and off the mat.

Tash Domonkos Beginner YogiFast forward a few years and my yoga practice has been the one constant thing I continue to do regardless of whether I am moving around the world or so busy I don’t have time to blink! In the meantime I had been making noise about becoming a teacher for a while, but the timing never felt quite right. I came across Ashram Yoga Teacher Training one day and everything just kind of fell into place. The rest, as they say is history. Learning to teach is one of the most amazing things I have ever done, and I am incredibly passionate about sharing it with as many people as I can. It doesn’t matter whether you spend 10 minutes a week or 2 hours a day practicing yoga, you will feel the benefits if you figure out your way of doing it. For me it’s as simple as taking a breathing, moving a little and feeling a whole lot better.

What else…oh I LOVE animals – especially dogs, hanging out in the kitchen (check out our delicious recipes on the blog!) with Matt and going on adventures – near or far.

I hope you enjoy being part of Beginner Yogi as much as I love teaching and creating it for you.
Tash xox