5 Benefits Of Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is one of the most popular yoga classes in the western world at the moment, the fast flow attracting those who like to combine stress release with strength and toning. The total mind and body work out.

Power Vinyasa Classes at Beginner Yogi Yoga StudioFor some of us (including myself when I began yoga) Power Vinyasa is actually a horrifying experience that leaves you dizzy and feeling a bit useless. When talking to students about Power Vinyasa I often see eyes widen at the mention of it and a firm shake of the head “no way, not for me”, and I agree, it’s not for everyone. But I do encourage students to try it at least once.

A lot of the Power Vinyasa classes at studios these days only cater to experienced students, leaving the beginners feeling embarrassed and vulnerable to injury. Every class should be guided in a way that a beginner or an advanced student can keep up. That’s how we teach our Power Vinyasa at Beginner Yogi Yoga Studio, every flow gives you options and modifications so you can flow at your level, and if you haven’t yet taken a Power Vinyasa class you may not be aware that there are resting poses such as Childs Pose and Downward Facing Dog that you can hang out in at any time you need to take 5. In our Power Vinyasa classes our aim is for you to feel safe and supported in your practice.

So what are the benefits of a regular Power Vinyasa flow?

Stress Release

Major! Because of the faster flow of Power Vinyasa, it is easier to stay present (a mindfulness practice) and switch of the chatterbox, relieving mental, emotional and physical anxiety and stress. Power Vinyasa is a great practice for those with ‘busy’ minds.

Strength training, toning and flexibility

Those who need to feel like they have had a workout often enjoy a Power Vinyasa practice, and the great thing is that you combine the strengthening and toning with stretching so you become stronger and more flexible at the same time. If you’re someone who is put off by the thought that yoga is boring and slow paced, Power Vinyasa is for you. A good Power Vinyasa class will strengthen and tone the whole body and leave you feeling grateful for Shavasana!


Power Vinyasa is all about the breath. Inhaling and exhaling at the right time is what gives you the energy and momentum to get through class. As mentioned above, flowing with the breath also encourages mindfulness and once focused in the present moment you no longer have the chatterbox in your head telling you you aren’t good enough to do this class! If you find it hard to focus on the breath through out the whole class, just work on the postures that you can easily inhale and exhale into, it’s all just practice.


The stronger we are physically, the stronger we feel mentally and emotionally. I am a firm believer that when we are strong in our core, we feel more confident, our self esteem raises and we are able to take on the the world with a bit more ease. As you become more confident in your body, you can challenge yourself in different postures. And because you feel the benefits of yoga off the mat too, you may find that you feel more confident in day to day life at the same time. Bonus!


Regardless of whether Power Vinyasa is taught in a heated studio, the faster pace and the fact you are likely to sweat makes it a great detox method for the body. When we sweat we are able to release toxins from the body, which in return leaves us feeling refreshed with an overall feeling of health and wellbeing.

Beginner Yogi has a 3 Week Beginners Power Vinyasa Course coming up in March, lead by teacher Sam Rozitis so this is the perfect chance to learn from a popular Wellington Power Vinyasa teacher. Find out more HERE