4 Week Meditation Course

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak

Welcome to the 4 Week Online Meditation Course!

Throughout the next four weeks you will learn simple but effective techniques such as mindfulness, mantra and guided meditations that can be listened to as often as you wish. The benefits of meditation are vast, including stress and anxiety relief, helping with depression, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiovascular system, increased immunity, improved concentration, increased happiness and well being, increased awareness of ‘self’, increased optimism and positive outlook, increased intuition and inner wisdom….the list can on for ever. Meditation is good for you!
It can be done pretty much anywhere and without much space needed. You can sit cross legged or with the legs extended long, on the bed or on the couch. You can practice for 30 seconds or 30 minutes…it doesn’t matter, all of it is good. A teacher once said “Every time you meditate, you initiate healing”…isn’t that a beautiful thought?
Did you know that we spend approximately 48% of our life on ‘auto-pilot’…meaning, for almost half of our life we are completely unconscious and not present. When you practice (key word: practice) meditation regularly, you become aware of your autopilot tendencies i.e how you react to everyday situations or belief systems from past events that hold you back. And the most beautiful opportunity presents itself when you become present…you get the gift of choice! You get to choose how you react, what you say and how you want to live.
And if you’re worried about having a crazy, out of control mind that never stops, don’t. It’s all part of the human package. During this course you will learn that it’s not about turning off the mental chatter, it’s about observing, acknowledging, letting go and going back to your practice. Again and again and again…and again. With practice your thoughts will become less and less, you will ‘sink’ in and find a stillness and presence within you that feels like home. In this space you can see yourself and life clearly and benefit from your own inner wisdom and intuition. 
Meditation is a tool that can literally change your life. So find your comfortable seat, close the eyes and take a breathe, we’re going in!


In this video, Tash will introduce you to the 4 Week Meditation Course. Please watch this as it will provide some valuable information before you start on your Meditation journey.

Week 1: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being being present in the moment, with whatever is happening, without judging, analysing or changing anything. It is a powerful meditation practice that helps to bring clarity and relieve stress and anxiety in the big and small dramas of modern life. Mindfulness is great to practice at anytime of the day that you want to feel present.

Week 2: Mantra

Mantra is a word or sound that is repeated silently or out loud to aid in concentration and focus during meditation. Feel the resonance of the mantra as you repeat it over and over again, as the words as your energy body is filled with the affirmation. Get the benefits of practicing mantra meditation when you need to increase focus and concentration.

Week 3: Guided

Guided meditation is a meditation lead by someone else, often with a specific focus or journey in mind. It is a meditation that you can simply just relax and be lead into without having to do much else. Guided meditations are great for times of stress, when the mind is busy or if you have trouble falling asleep.

Week 4: Putting It All Together

The last class in the meditation course is weeks 1 – 3 all together in one meditation. This practice incorporates Mindfulness, Mantra and a Guided Meditation, using all of the techniques you have practiced through the previous weeks. This meditation is perfect anytime! It will leave you feeling present and humming with positive energy!

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