Jessica Reid: Discovering Your Akashic Records

Jessica Reid is an Akashic Records reader, Spiritual Coach, Medium, Channel and Law of Attraction speaker…

She is also one of the friendliest, open and grounded people I have had the pleasure of meeting. We had a chat recently about the Akashic Records and I think you will enjoy what came out of it. Don’t worry, we didn’t get too woo-woo…there’s just a bit of soul talk thrown in here and there.

Jessica Reid Spiritual AdventuresI actually can’t remember how I came across Jessica Reid and her intuitive talents, but I do remember looking through her website and thinking she seemed real, and I liked the fact that she was a local (Jessica lives in Lower Hutt, Wellington) and I was able to get to know her a little before contacting her through her various blogs and Youtube videos that she had posted.

I’d heard of the Akashic Records before although I’ve never had a reading and I had no real idea what to expect but I knew that I liked Jessica’s presence and honesty in her videos so I thought, hey why not! I found my personal reading so helpful and uplifting that I wanted to share with you guys what exactly an Akashic Reading is and why you might want one. So I had a chat with Jessica – whom explained it beautifully, and along the way also passed on other nuggets of wisdom. Enjoy!

So what are the Akashic Records you ask? According to Jessica they are your Souls record or ‘energy‘ if you like. The records hold all information about your soul, its purpose, challenges, and family group, past lives…everything. We all have our own unique records and they can be accessed (with your permission only) by someone like Jessica and communicated back to you.

When I asked the most popular questions for the records, Jessica answered, “What is my purpose?” and “What is blocking me from doing/being [insert challenge here]?” as the main inquiries. Information and insight you receive from a trip to the records vary from person to person (or soul to soul!) but as I found out with my reading, the information can help you to move forward or through an area in your life that has been troubling you and give you some wonderful clues as to what is really going on.

Jessica further explained what could be gained from a reading on a deeper soul level; “I see their energy in colours and they teach me what the colours vibration mean to that soul. I sometimes get that souls view of the earth and humanity and life as a whole, what the soul wants to learn and the ‘pace’ of the soul…how quick they learn or experience. Some souls come to earth again and again and again because they want to learn as much as possible in a short time. Some souls want to the hard and fast life experiences (they want to do the hard yards as such) because at a soul level they understand the expansion that comes from the experience. Other souls are quite slow, and pace themselves and spent a lot of time in non physical before they come back.” For me personally, the insight I gained from understanding a part of my purpose for being here made me relax a little bit, everything is as it should be, phew!

Something that seems to come up a lot in readings are past lives and the effect that they have on you in the current life. Jessica says that we often carry the energy of a past life, especially if it was traumatic or hard and we don’t realise that this energy stays with us until it is processed or released and may causes issues and blocks in the current life. It’s an interesting thought; I know that I resonated with what was reported back to me in my reading. In saying that I also think it is important not to become obsessed with past lives, stay present, live in the now people!

So why would you specifically want a reading? There’s lots of reason, Jessica offered a few below;

To get clear on what your challenges are and what you are here to do and discover any past lives that are still affecting your souls development. Realising how past lives or blocks are affecting you can give you a sense of enlightenment and encourage personal growth.

Future telling questions. Will I marry my soul mate? How many children will I have? Will my business succeed? Often we are after validation or confirmation for something we already know deep within us, but are scared it wont happen the way we want it to. Jessica added that when asking future telling questions yes, you can tell someone’s future but it’s not always what it seems. You can read someone’s vibration in that point in time and then follow that vibration to answer the question they have asked but if your vibration changes… so can the future.

Understanding of the soul group, family or soul mate connection that you have with others in this lifetime. By becoming aware of the connection you have with someone who causes you stress or worry in this life may help to be more compassionate towards him or her and yourself.

So what if you don’t know if you believe in all of this ‘soul records’ stuff but want a reading anyway? No problem, Jessica says that it doesn’t matter whether you actually believe it or not, the information is still there to be read or ‘downloaded‘ if you like, it is just easier to communicate the information to you if you are open to what you might hear. And a good point to remember is that the information may not make sense straight away, so don’t be too quick to disregard it…make a note to re-read or listen to your reading in a month or two and see if you get anything new it. I know I have gone back over mine and been amazed at what was picked up that I hadn’t even noticed.

I loved the message from Jessica at the end of my reading and wanted to share it with you to dispel any doubts that she is doing this for any other reason than to help and guide you “My intention for reading your record is to communicate what is needed at the time and for your highest good, I hope you have gained insight from what I have brought forward in this overview. I always encourage you to feel what resonates within you and listen to your own intuition, others can tap into / access information for you, however no one else’s intuition can override your own :)”

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